How to use Nduja

Nduja is a very versatile food, it can be consumed in various ways and is increasingly used by many famous restaurants to prepare delicious courses.

Nduja spalmabile

How to eat nduja

In how many ways you can taste this Italian salami? The most common way is to spread the nduja on a slice of homemade bread, toasted and perhaps freshly baked or on home-made croutons. Its culinary use is also widespread in the preparation of first courses: the pasta with nduja , which is fileja, scialatielli or spaghetti, is a true must of the typical cuisine of Calabria.

In addition to the preparation of first courses, nduja can be used as a seasoning to prepare excellent baked products - focaccia and pizza in the first place - but also as a filling for meatballs, panzerotti, arancini, omelettes and similar. Being a spreadable salami, the nduja also lends itself to being sprinkled on semi-seasoned cheeses, further enhancing its flavor.