Pecorino Cheese with Nduja

Pecorino Cheese with Nduja

Caseificio Stirparo
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Fresh pecorino cheese with nduja is one of the best products from Stirparo Dairy. Pecorino with Nduja is a typical product of Calabrian origin because of the famous spicy spreadable salami. The production of this cheese starts with the processing of pasteurized pecorino milk, then the addition of nduja. Finally, the mixture is put into shapes and finally seasoned.

Ingredients: sheep's milk, rennet, salt, natural milk enzymes
Packaging: vacuum-packed
Storage: 0-4°C
Origin: produced and packaged by Caseificio Stirparo, Cutro (KR), Italy

Serving Size 100g

Energy Value Kj/Kcal 1609,6/386
Humidity 41 %
Fat 29,7 %
Carbohydrates 0,2 %
NaCI 1,7 %
Proteins 27,4 %