Nduja and Ceramic Warmer Kit

Nduja and Ceramic Warmer Kit

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The ceramic warmer kit is a Calabrian handicraft product that allows you to melt the Nduja directly on the table to make it tastier. Each piece is unique and made by local craftsmen.

The package includes a jar of Nduja (90 g).

Ingredients: pork meat and fat, hot pepper, extra virgin olive oil, salt
Quantity: 90 g
Packaging: glass jar
Storage: 2°C/10°C
Origin: produced and packaged by CalabroFood di Andrea Vacca, San Nicola Arcella (CS) Italy

Serving Size 100g

Energy Value Kj/Kcal 1675/406
Fat g 40,1
Saturated Fat g 15,4
Carbohydrates g 0,3
Sugars g 0
Proteins g 11,1
Salt g 2,74